Big Furry is the alter ego of NYC musician Sean Pearson. Sean was the primary songwriter for the duo
On The Porch
who reached the finals in Musician Magazines’ best unsigned band contest. Recently Sean contributed the song “If I Hadn’t Lied” to the Collaborative Production Experiment sponsored by http://www.prosoundweb.com, which brought together top professionals from all over the world solely via the Internet. Sean takes off his bear hat only to sing at Avery Fischer Hall with the National Chorale. Sometimes he changes the lyrics to make himself laugh. Sean is also proud of playing in and co-producing the luminary NYC bands
Top Dog and The Playground.


Transforming from geeky everyman to self-deluded bear hat wearing super hero is reason enough- but there’s more. Hiding behind the comic facade is a dedication to music that seems to be missing in today’s pop, and from the depths of despair comes Big Furry to rescue himself from smashing his guitars and going to accounting school. The band tracks are recorded live, three takes and out, with many performances first take. No click tracks, no "autotune", no "beat replacer", just top musicians doing their thing. Only then are production layers added, and added with a mad glee. The fervent hope is to create living, breathing rock with musicianship, honesty, humour, and feeling. So that’s pretty much why.