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Be in the band!
If you enjoyed the album and are a talented musician of any kind who is reliable, learns quickly, and has fun on stage, I would be happy to perform this group of songs with you. B3, accordion, cello, flute, percussion, glockenspiel, bring it on, I’ll always find a way to include a talented musician. Don’t give a damn what you look like. Just be musical, dependable, and really enjoy playing live. Even if you are not in the New York Area, let me know, and if I’m out by you we’ll give it a go. So drop an email, send me an MP3, what have you, and Just Make Music.

If you enjoyed the production of the album, the sound, vibe, arraigning, song writing craft, etc, feel free to contact me for production of your own album. Other examples are available on request ranging from classical crossover to rock.

If you are interested in working on your songwriting, guitar playing, bass playing, or are in need of vocal coaching for rock performance, please let me know. What ever you do, don’t be satisfied being as good today as you were a year ago- you will be amazed at what you are capable of, if you make the effort. Didn’t that make you feel good? That’s the Nice Fluffy Bunny approach (NFB). There’s also the Oh Shit I Hired Jimi Hendrix As my Opening Act approach (OSIHJHAMOA), a la Clapton, which makes you practice feverishly so you don’t suck too badly on stage. I use both time-honored approaches. So give me a call for first-hand NFB and OSIHJHAMOA learning methodology applications.