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The video- “With You”
A true three-part collaboration between Wayne Parillo, Tom McNeil, and Sean Pearson, with a special nod to leading lady Lily Hearst…
Wayne made it happen. Somehow Wayne gets things to actually happen. Together we developed the story, and not only did he bring good ideas, but he went along with some of my ideas that normal men would have run from like scared little school girls. Balls as big as church bells, that’s my brother Wayne. Check out his stuff at www.webjammers.com.
Tom, well, “made it”. Tom shot and edited this video, and his eye, sense of humour that kept the production rolling, coupled with his aesthetic, talent and willingness to put in awful hours brought the video to it’s successful conclusion. This video doesn’t get made without Tom.
A special nod to leading lady Lily, who had to act like the guy in the bear hat was as sexy as he thought he was- an Oscar-worthy performance. In addition, she was the consummate professional, and worked at a consistently high level during long hours.