Littlefurry 1:

Check out this collaboration with Chris Tabron of The Ten Paces. Chris came up with a timeless melody and alllowed me to go to town adding guitar and harmony ideas. It was fun to do something so different, and I'm very proud of the result. Scroll to The Golden Storn on the right side of his page..

Littlefurry 2:
CaPE (Collaborative Production Experiment)
The website for musicians and audio professionals known as the recpit formed random groups of collaborators to play, write and record an original song. Bigfurry was chosen as a songwriter and bass player for Team Eclectic. However, Sean also picked up singing duties as well after the assigned vocalist (to whom he had tailored the song’s mood and vocal range around) bailed out with nary a word. So it’s sort of a littlefurry tune! Sean met some amazing, hardworking musicians that led to…

Video Release Party!
Beginning August. Details to follow. See the video “With You” on the bigfurry screen! Check it out as well as the background info on “the making of,” by clicking on Video in the menu bar…

Album Release Party!

End of March. Details to follow. Hear the new album in it’s entirety, as well as hear a few songs played live!